The Actor's Director

How to Produce Optimal Creative Performance

NB: This is a course for directors

A select group of iconic directors including Clint Eastwood, Ron Howard, Sofia Coppola, Quentin Tarantino, Woody Allen, The Coen Brothers, and Martin Scorsese never have problems attracting leading actors to their projects.

Why? Why are they so desirable to work with?


The short answer is that they talented, take risks, win awards, and are highly regarded. The real answer is that are extraordinary story tellers and are able to surprise and delight an audience, but more importantly, they are able to extract superlative performances from their cast, to build highly creative environments, to encourage their actor to take risks, and to show their actor in a new light.


In addition to their technical skills, and their ability to tell story, performance prioritized award-winning directors work collaboratively with their cast and crew, build creative trust, have highly developed abilities to communicate conceptual nuance, and have an extensive knowledge of the actor’s language, processes and methodologies.


This 8 week course is designed to provide the aspirational screen director with the skills to effectively communicate your creative vision and to elicit optimal performance. The course will develop a holistic understanding of the actor’s approach to performance and character, will simplify and demystify the actor’s processes and methodologies, will hone advanced communication and on-set management skills, and will develop the skills to build dynamic, creative, and safe rehearsal and on-set environments.

Under the expert mentorship and guidance of professional screenwriter, director, and producer, Andrew Lawrence you will explore:

  • The actor/director relationship and the do’s and don’ts of effective communication

  • The performance driven director’s preparation tools and processes

  • The director’s toolbox and how to manage performance

  • Alternative performance development tools and processes

  • Scene preparation and workshopping

  • The truth behind character and naturalism

  • Structure and story


TUTOR: Andrew Lawrence
CLASS DURATION: 8 Weeks - 6.30PM - 9.30PM (Tuesday nights)

FEE: $500.00 

PAYMENT PLAN: $125.00 Deposit and $62.50/week for 6 weeks. Admin fees apply

Coming to the Warehouse Workshop in 2021