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About Us

The Warehouse Workshop Screen Acting Studio was established by 

pre-eminent casting director, Tom McSweeney, to provide career-oriented actors with practical, professional, real-world industry training in the complex and specific art of screen acting.


As one of the USA and Australia’s most sought after and experienced screen educators, tutors, and mentors, Tom McSweeney has a stellar record of success that goes back to the early 1980's. He has taught at several of the USA’s most prestigious acting schools, and has worked closely with a number of the world’s most successful screen actors. Tom's career-long philosophy in regards to training is that “whatever you learn, you are honour-bound to return”. 

Tom has been passionate actor educator his whole life, and the creation of a Queensland based film and television training facility that provides carefully designed, industry-focussed training, delivered by a faculty of inspirational and skillful tutors, was an imperative.

“I have been casting film and television projects for over thirty years, and in that time have been instrumental in discovering and developing the careers of numerous leading film and television actors…. and of course, I continue to discover and work with the stars of tomorrow. All too often, I have watched excellent actors struggle in a screen-test, or worse on set, because they do not have the foundation skill-base or the specialist training to work intimately with the camera. I needed to do something - to provide professional screen training - to encourage and nurture emerging talent, as well as provide an exercise forum for established performers”.

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