Teenage Audition for the Screen

The ability to work at optimum level in the audition room and on-set, and to make strong clear performance decisions within the dual frameworks of genre and the writer's intentions are critical to success as a working professional actor.

Suitable for absolute beginners to screen acting and those more experienced young screen actors, this tailored screen audition course is a new opportunity to develop and/or hone a wide range of skills that are necessary for the modern actor in the audition room and for self taping.

The program provides a fun and supportive environment for young actors to practice their audition skills and to increase levels of professionalism and confidence. Students are encouraged to approach the audition with positivity, helping them to find fun within the process, and allowing for a more liberated and truthful performance.

During each class, engaging and dynamic film & television scripts are used as exercise tools to develop analytical skills, preparation processes, and performance methodologies. Students are given the opportunity rehearse with their scene partners before recording the scenes in our professional audition studios.

The class runs on Thursday afternoons from 4-6pm and class numbers are strictly capped allowing tutors to provide one-on-one tailored tuition and feedback for each student based on their individual work.   

The cost for this class is $300.00 per 6-Week term

NB: If your preferred class is full, please email info@warehousestudio.com.au to be placed on a waiting list.

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TERM 3, 2022

TUTOR: Astrid Wells Cooper
AGE: Students aged 13-17 years.

TIME: Thursdays 4.00pm - 6.00pm
STARTS: Thursday 11th August, 2022

LAST CLASS: Thursday 15th September, 2022
FEE: $300.00 per 6 Week Term