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Self Taping Masterclass

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Learn to take control of your self taped auditions with multi-award winning casting director, David Newman, from McSweeney Newman Casting

Over the years, Dave Newman has received thousands of self- taped auditions – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the truly amazing.

This class will explore every aspect of self-taping, helping you to embrace the opportunity to take control of your audition, reduce stress levels, and empowering you in the process.

When approaching a self taped audition, the thought process can be overwhelming: 

What do they want? Where should I pitch it? What should my production values be? What if I can’t find a pro actor to read with me? They want it in how many days? What should I wear? Is it good enough? What should the background be? Should I re-tape it? Are the files too big? How do I choose which takes to send?  

In this class, we will address all of these concerns, and more by reducing the worry, stress, and uncertainty surrounding self-taped auditions and ultimately empowering you to confidently take full advantage of, and enjoy, the opportunity to self-tape auditions.

Each student will be sent a scene from Dave prior to the Masterclass to prepare, then will film the scene in a self-tape environment on the day. They will then receive performance and technical feedback. 

Please note that participant numbers are strictly capped at 14 students per session.

This masterclass was last run in April 2023, please register your interest below to be notified when more information is available regarding the next installment. 

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