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YOUTH - Teen US Accent Workshop

Gabrielle Rogers

with Gabrielle Rogers 


This Intensive is suitable for young actors who are beginners and for those who already have solid US Accent skills


If your young actor is truly determined to become a professional working actor and to work on US film and television productions they are going to need an impeccable Standard US Accent.  

Specifically for young actors 13-17 years old, this is a spectacular opportunity to be tutored by one of the finest accent and voice coaches in the international film world! Limited places available!

One of the most sought-after dialect coaches in the global industry, over her career Gabrielle has worked closely with numerous leading actors on major screen productions.

Having worked in Australia, NZ, the UK and the USA, and alongside the legendary Andrew Jack for some years, Gabrielle teaches a reliable, and engaging step-by-step process that simplifies and demystifies the creation of an impeccable, authentic, believable accent.

This is a unique opportunity to learn directly from a gifted expert who can lift your skill levels to elite professional standards, and provide you with a reliable, systematic approach to dialect development and voice production that will potentially last you a lifetime. 

Participant numbers are strictly capped

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