September 9, 2019

A lot of the preparation work an actor will need to do before heading into the audition room should be on the self: stay calm, remember to breathe, have fun, but most of all be prepared for a curve ball. I love when people compare actors to athletes, because the auditi...

August 26, 2019

Along the course of your career you will  be asked to enact many simple tasks only to find that they becomes extremely difficult once you try to do them in character. Take sipping a coffee, or chopping ingredients for dinner, or simply tying your hair back, for example...

May 16, 2019

You will come across the term “operative word,” several times in your actor training. An “operative word” simply refers to the emphasised or stressed word in a sentence, that gives that sentence a certain connotation, tone, or meaning. As an artist, it is your job to f...

May 16, 2019

A great place to start working on your voice, is simply by allowing yourself to imagine it!

The following exercise is taken from Kristin Linklater’s book, Freeing the Natural Voice.

Time: 5mins-unlimited

What: blank paper, colouring pens/pencils/crayons

  1. Draw a picture...

May 16, 2019

Yes, to be a good actor you actually have to know how to act. The funny thing is, before you can really showcase your artistic talents you also have to get the role. This means nailing the audition.

Auditioning requires a very specific set of skills that are usually dif...

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