Learning Lines: Operative Words

You will come across the term “operative word,” several times in your actor training. An “operative word” simply refers to the emphasised or stressed word in a sentence, that gives that sentence a certain connotation, tone, or meaning. As an artist, it is your job to figure out what exactly your character is trying to say. The task of memorising a bunch of words on paper, and in perfect order, can seem daunting for some. Even more so when the language is challenging. You have probably marvelled at how actors can make sense of Shakespeare and then recite it while being word-perfect. If you use operative words to help you memorise what your character means to say, you will find that memorising

Acting Aerobics: Imagine Your Voice

A great place to start working on your voice, is simply by allowing yourself to imagine it! The following exercise is taken from Kristin Linklater’s book, Freeing the Natural Voice. Time: 5mins-unlimited What: blank paper, colouring pens/pencils/crayons Draw a picture called “My Voice As It Is Now” (first close your eyes and imagine your voice in your minds eye. There is no road map for this exercise. It may be abstract or organic, angular or fluid, mono-chromatic or colourful. Draw what you see and how you feel). Now draw another picture called “My Voice As I Would Like it to Be.” Draw a black outline of a gingerbread person (head, torso, arms, legs). Next, inside the body begin to colour i

Audition 101: Tips from a Casting Director

Yes, to be a good actor you actually have to know how to act. The funny thing is, before you can really showcase your artistic talents you also have to get the role. This means nailing the audition. Auditioning requires a very specific set of skills that are usually different to the ones that actors spend most of their time working on. Because of this, and the immense pressure you can put on yourself (not to mention the nerves involved), it is not uncommon to walk out of there thinking you totally blew it. And yet, auditioning is what actors will spend most of their professional lives doing. So, it is important for the longevity of your career, as well as your own mental health, to not let a

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