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Tom McSweeney - Film & TV Tutor, Teacher & Director

Tom McSweeney CSA/CGA

With a career spanning over 40 years and multiple geographies, Tom McSweeney is an internationally renowned teacher and director. As one of the most gifted and experienced educators in the craft of the actor, Tom has taught acting in the United States, Canada, Malaysia and Australia for over 25 years, bringing his unrivalled experience, knowledge, passion, and insight to the life of every class and every student. As one of the most sought after teachers in this country, he is continuously invited to hold master classes throughout the capital cities of Australia and the Asia Pacific.

His career as a teacher and educator began in 1989 when he was invited to join the faculty of the prestigious Kenneth C. Beck Centre for the Arts, before becoming the Director of Children’s Theatre at arguably the most successful and famous acting facility in the USA – the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in Los Angeles. Among the myriad of successful actors in the alumni of this iconic institution, his former students include Angelina Jolie and Alanna Ubach.

In 2011 he founded his own acting school - the Warehouse Studio on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Tom’s vision was to create an opportunity for actors in Australia to undergo performance training that would not only equip them with the foundations to successfully build careers as professional screen actors, but to give students the resources, tools, education and insight to go on and create their own film projects. As a deliberate strategy to assist in the realisation of his goal, Tom has employed only the most experienced and well rounded industry professionals to teach. Every tutor is a working professional with years of experience within the entertainment industry.

As a working director Tom has directed over 60 Stage Productions and choreographed another 15 Musicals, Revues and Operettas. Most recently he has directed the pilot for a US television series.

As one of Australia’s foremost casting directors, Tom McSweeney has cast over 200 Feature Films, Mini-Series and Episodic Television Productions, across three continents. He was nominated for an Emmy Award for his outstanding work on The Starter Wife in 2011.

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