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Advanced & Master Classes

Gabrielle Rogers

Standard US Accent Workshops

One of Australia's most Internationally sought after US Accent Coaches, Gabrielle Rogers, regularly conducts US Accent Workshops and Masterclasses at the Warehouse Workshop Screen Acting Studio.

Gabrielle is an expert voice and dialect coach who has worked in the film, television and theatre industries for over 15 years. Her latest work includes: "Lord of the Rings"; "Reminiscence"; "Monster Problems"; "Rising Wolf"; "Wolf Creek";  "The Nightingale"; "The Avengers: Infinity War"; "Thor: Ragnarok"; dialect creation for  Julie Andrews' production of "My Fair Lady";  and "Here Come The Habibs" for the Nine Network.


Gabrielle has worked with countless A-list and international leading actors to produce flawless, authentic dialects. Her students and clients are seen on television and film screens every day, and her work on theatrical productions has been lauded by critics and recognised by awards.

In addition, she has taught at all the major actor training academies in Sydney, including NIDA, ACTT, Actors Centre Australia, STS, The Actors Pulse, and The Actors Studio. 

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Auditioning for the Screen


As an experienced actor this course is designed to further develop your understanding of performance in the audition room, and to progress your development in that most critical of skills – the screen test. You will strengthen your analytical expertise, will advance your knowledge of audition performance, and will deepen your understanding of your unique personal qualities and abilities. Tom will work closely with you, and via a process of constructive critical analysis will coach you to develop nuanced, unique, and truthful performances. You will build on your previous classes with Tom, and will continue to work with increasingly challenging and complex scenes.


Entrance to this course is either by the completion of previous screen performance courses, or by the provision of an acting resume.


TUTOR: Tom McSweeney, CSA

CLASS DURATION: 8 Weeks - 6:30PM – 9:30PM

WHEN: Sunday mornings 10:00AM - 1:00PM

FEE: $137.50 Deposit and $68.75 per week for 6 consecutive weeks, OR:

TOTAL: $550.00 inc GST


To apply, please click below, select the desired term, and email your Headshot & Resume.


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 Advanced Acting for the Screen
This advanced course is designed for actors who have made a serious commitment to the development of their craft, and who have the desire to build a successful career as a working, professional actor in film and television.

Repetition is the mother of all learning. It is also the enemy of spontaneity. 


Using challenging and dramatic scripts, you will explore advanced, practical on-set tools and methodologies to reliably create nuanced and complex performances again and again. You will advance your understanding of holistic script and character analysis, hone the art of sincere emotional engagement, track and plot character and relationship arcs, further explore the tools and methodologies that will allow you to make dynamic and compelling performance choices, and advance your ability to develop and create engaging and moving characters.

Entrance to this course is either by the completion of previous screen performance courses; or by the completion of the Foundation and Intermediate acting courses; or by the provision of an acting resume; or by audition.


TUTOR: Phillip Holder

CLASS DURATION: 8 Weeks - 6:30PM – 9:30PM

WHEN: Thursday Nights

FEE: $500 (including GST) 

PAYMENT PLAN: $122.50 deposit with balance paid over 6 consecutive weeks.

To apply, please click below, select the desired term, and email your resume.

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