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Vanesa Everett


From as little as 2 years old, Vanesa Everett spent her childhood performing on dance stages. Her transition to theatre at 12 years old deepened her love for performance even more, and lead her on to complete multiple courses of study in screen acting throughout her high school years - where she also taught drama workshops to younger grades. After being signed to an agency at 15, Vanesa has since expanded her skill set through her credited film, television and commercial experience.

After finishing high school with an Honours in Drama, graduating from QUT with a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Major in Drama) and then moving onto advanced acting classes here at The Warehouse, she is a fierce creative with an appetite to keep learning.

Now at almost 23, Vanesa has a personal understanding of what it’s like to grow up with a passion for acting and an endless pursuit for that next audition. She is excited to share the tips and tricks she’s picked up through her studies as well as her experience in productions including Rock Island Mysteries (2023), Elvis (2022), Ticket to Paradise (2022) and Young Rock (2021). In between her time on set, Vanesa worked as a Talent Manager for international names in Reality TV. Her experience in management has allowed her to develop an understanding of just how fast the entertainment industry moves, and how to prepare yourself to keep up with the pace!

Vanesa is dedicated to creating a safe space that encourages positivity and supports growth. She hopes to spark a fire in her students to connect with what drives them in the classroom, and how to apply it to their craft here at The Warehouse. 

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