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Tween Screen Acting & Audition Program - Online Course

The Tween Screen Audition & Acting Program is a dynamic 4 week skills and development class for young actors aged 8 years - 12 years. It has been adapted to suit an online model temporarily due to the current COVID-19 situation.

In an energetic, fun and safe environment, the Course acclimatises young actors to working with the camera, providing them with the skills and experience to work confidently and effectively as a screen actor in both the audition and on-set environments, and to consistently produce engaging and believable performances.

In addition to building confidence, emphasis is placed on the acquisition of a range of professional tools that will enable our students to incorporate stronger and more effective choices in their work, and to bring truth, sincerity and credibility to their on-screen performance.

Class numbers are strictly capped allowing tutors to provide one-on-one tailored tuition and feedback for each student based on their individual work.   

The cost for this class is $160.00 per 4-week block.


Zoom Youth Block 2, 2020


TUTOR: Teraze Burke
AGE: Students aged 8 - 12 years.

TIME: 4.00pm - 6.00pm
STARTS: Wednesday 3rd June, 2020

LAST CLASS: Wednesday 24th June, 2020
FEE: $160.00 per 4 Week Block (payment plans available)

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