Teraze Burke

Teraze has filled many roles in all aspects of the Performing Arts since she could walk. She commenced her training from a young age in singing, dancing and acting with local performance schools, DnD School of Performing Arts and The Spotlight Theatrical Company. Tess has always been heavily involved with short intensive youth programs with NIDA, Raw Metal, Expressions Dance Company and Zen Zen Zo to name but a few.


After working in Gold Coast theme parks as a performer for four years and completing her Diploma of Music while studying a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Arts, she turned her sights to film and television and joined The Warehouse Workshop Film & TV Internship in 2014. These combined training programs have moulded her into a Teacher, Director, Choreographer and past President of a local Gold Coast theatre company.


After the completion of her Internship, Teraze developed a short intensive workshop for young actors. The workshop introduced theatrical students to the concept of screen acting and helped them adapt their skills to the current needs of the Film and Television industry.


Teraze has been engaged as a tutor for the Warehouse Workshop Screen Acting Studio's Youth Program since 2014, focusing on the junior to intermediate age groups. During her time as a tutor here she has also had the opportunity to work on our highly successful Youth Intensive Programs. These programs develop young film actors' fundamental on-camera skills while creating professional show reels, ready for the film and television industry.


Teraze is a highly respected as a performing arts teacher and is currently based within several schools from Northern NSW to the central Gold Coast. As a teacher, Teraze aims to build students' confidence while imparting the necessary skills required to embody the role of an actor. 

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