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Screen Acting and Film Production

Professional Screen Acting & Showreel Course

Program Structure

TRIMESTER 1 (Weeks 1-10)

  • Develop and strengthen your voice and vocal range 

  • Explore and acquire the indispensable acting skills essential to the professional screen actor

  • Develop critical script and story analysis techniques

  • Explore truthful, organic character development and the freedom of spontaneous performance through improvisation

  • Explore non-verbal communication and the physical nature of character development through the use of kinetic energy and movement

  • Investigate the essential fundamental theories of screenwriting and long-form storytelling

TRIMESTER 2 (Weeks 11-20)

  • Learn to free your natural voice, and incorporate vocal development through the use of text​

  • Continue to advance your ability in the critical disciplines of improvisation and movement

  • Develop screen audition techniques with subject matter experts

  • Continue to develop screen acting techniques, including character development, profound emotional engagement and holistic analysis techniques

  • Learn the basics of producing for film

  • Develop your standard US accent

TRIMESTER 3 (Weeks 21-30)

  • Explore advanced screen acting techniques, including working intimately with the camera and on-set technical acting skills, and plotting and tracking character, relationship and narrative arcs

  • Cultivate advanced screen audition techniques with multi-award winning casting director, Tom McSweeney

  • Understand the crucial technical and performance aspects of self-taping

  • Casting, rehearsal and production of 2x showreel scenes to be filmed, directed and edited professionally

  • Exposure to industry-relevant information sessions

Industry Networking and Showcase Event

The Showreel Course concludes with an industry networking event, hosted by the Warehouse Workshop Screen Acting Studio, where the students' showreel scenes will be on display to the public and industry professionals including local agents, casting directors, filmmakers and fellow actors.

*Please note that as all tutors at The Warehouse Workshop Screen Acting Studio are working industry professionals with years of experience within the Film, Television and Entertainment industries, course structure and tutors are subject to variation based on schedules.

Script writing
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