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Grace Wriggles

Grace Wriggles is an actor, writer, director and photographer born and raised on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Grace has been in the dramatic arts since she was a kid performing in local productions and creating her own short films with her friends. Her first step into the industry was in 2011 when she won runner up in the BUFTA for a short film she co-wrote and co-directed "Shopping List".

Grace has been a part of the Warehouse Workshop since early 2018, working with Philip Holder and Tom McSweeney. She worked as a Film & TV teacher Aide at Emmanuel College for two years. In addition, she ran a wedding Videography/Photography business from 2015 and has now transitioned to professional headshot photographer at Studio Gracie in Burleigh Heads.

Grace was nominated for best actress at the Martini Awards (Brisbane) for her role as Casey in the comedy short "Trivia Night" (2022). She co-starred in "It's Called Hiatus" set to premiere in 2023. In 2022 Grace produced, directed and starred in her debut short film "PODCASTERS" that she wrote in 2020, and premiered at HOTA in 2023. She also directed "Blue Heaven" for The Colour Series set to premiere in 2023, is currently writing a series "Shafted" for production 2024 and her first feature film 'Waterpark' set for production 2024.

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