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Chloe Small


Chloe Small spent a lot of her time as a child watching the makings of many different films. In fact, she found the ‘Behind the Scenes’ segments supplied via DVD more interesting than the actual films. After many years of being immersed in creative arts, Chloe decided to pursue acting after completing high school. Since then, she has completely committed to finding opportunities to learn and create. Chloe is a grounded and unique performer who has intriguing instincts when performing. She is a witty and fun person to work with.


With an interest in the entirety of the film industry, Chloe decided to dive into filmmaking. She has directed, produced and been a cinematographer on a few multiple award winning short films. She has had unique opportunities being amongst blockbuster films and television series such as Elvis and Young Rock. Chloe is also a photographer, specialising in actors headshots.


Chloe met Tom McSweeney in the early months of 2019 and has worked closely with him ever since. With the knowledge she has accumulated from the years of training and on-set experience, Chloe hopes to inspire others to create and grow as creatives. She is highly regarded by industry professionals and continues to develop and create as a performer and filmmaker, keeping up with industry standards.

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