5-Day Film Challenge for Teens - Online Boot Camp

Being a teenager is difficult no matter what, and social distancing, feeling that you’re missing out, can make things more intense. But there are some things you don’t have to miss out on. You can still socialise, still meet and make new friends, still exercise your imagination, and still share in the fun and joy of collaboratively creating with a group of like-minded young actor/film makers.
Our Five Day Film Challenge is a fully interactive online film-making boot camp that provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in the creative process of storytelling through film in an energetic, fun, imaginative, and inclusive online environment.
With COVID-19 you've probably got a lot on your mind - how you’re going to get through school in the coming months, or see your friends, or your boyfriend, or get a new part-time job, or your driver’s licence. And therefore you have a lot to say.
Over the 5 Days of the challenge you will learn how to tell your stories. You will learn the film making process by conceiving, writing, starring, directing and filming your own micro-movie and will learn to create a cohesive filmed story from concept to completion.
The live interactive course modules which will commence at 10:00am each day include:

  • Introduction

  • Outlining the tasks

  • Creating conceptual ideas/discussing characters

  • Scriptwriting

  • Interactive acting and improvisation activities

  • Camera angles, shot sizes and lighting

  • Storyboarding

  • Preparation for filming

  • Editing it all together

  • Film Premiere – sharing your finished film with the group

STARTS: 10.00am Tuesday 14th April

AGES: 12-17 years old
ENDS: Saturday 18th April
FEE: $198.00 (or $99 non-refundable deposit with balance payable prior to first class)

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All Student Enquiries

Please call or email our  Student Liaison Manager

0409 646 367 or 07 5529 8492 - info@warehousestudio.com.au