2-Day Audition Masterclass

With multi-award winning casting directors, Tom McSweeney & David Newman (McSweeney Newman Casting)

​This Masterclass runs for two consecutive days at THE WAREHOUSE WORKSHOP SCREEN ACTING STUDIO in Helensvale. 

Do you want to be ready for casting of the next US Pilot Season? Over the years a number of well prepared Australian actors have been successfully cast in leading roles. Not to mention the numerous Australian TV and film projects being cast over the next few months. Now is the time to brush up on your audition and self test skills.


Tom McSweeney on The Casting Process - Before and After


Morning session (10am - 1pm)

The Casting Process

A step-by-step guide through the casting process and breaking down exactly what an audition is and the purpose it serves. Including the relationship between producers/directors/casting and actors, audition techniques and approaches, promoting and marketing yourself as an actor, and more. 

PLEASE NOTE: Participants will be provided with carefully selected scenes matched to their level of experience prior to the Masterclass. 

Afternoon Session (2pm - 5pm)
The Producers Session
The Producers Session gives the actors the chance to see what happens behind the scenes once the screen test has been completed. 

Acting as producers and members of a production team, students will be given a script to read for a project that has previously been produced in Australia. As a team, students will make casting decisions based on a casting shortlist session in which they will watch real screen tests for the script provided. 

Once this process is complete and students have assigned actors to roles, Tom will walk the students through the original casting session deliberation. He will explain which actor was given which role, including why they were chosen and what producers think about when making their casting decisions. 

This class is about perspective and providing across with the opportunity to see the process from the other side of the casting table. And you will never view an audition the same way again!


David Newman on Self Taped Auditions - Take Control
(10am - 5pm with an hour break for lunch)

Over the years, Dave Newman has received thousands of self- taped auditions – the good, the bad, the ugly and the truly amazing.

This class will explore every aspect of self taping, helping you to embrace the opportunity to take control of your audition. 

When approaching a self taped audition, the thought process can be overwhelming: 
What do they want? Where should I pitch it? What should my production values be? They want it in two days? What should I wear? Is it good enough? What should the background be? Should I re-tape it? Are the files too big? 

In this class, we will address all of these concerns by looking at what a production might be after, breaking that down and simplifying it. Each student will begin scenes to film in a self test environment, covering the issues of framing, lighting, the background, the sound, the pace, what order the scenes should go in etc.

Participants are also welcome to bring in some of their previous self taped auditions on a playable DVD or USB for feedback and discussions. This is not compulsory but we recommend taking advantage of the opportunity. 

It is the aim of this class to reduce the stress surrounding self taped auditions and ultimately encourage the actors to take full advantage of, and enjoy, the opportunity to self tape auditions. 


Please note that numbers are strictly capped.

NB: This Masterclass was last run in December 2019 and the next round has not yet been scheduled. Please click the button below to register your interest, and we will notify you when the next Audition Masterclass is open for enrolment.

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All Student Enquiries

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